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Sept. 30

Hi everyone! I dont have alot of time left, but this week has been kinda slow anyway..

So, First off, one miracle that happened was meeting Vicky and Matt. We were out knocking with one of the YSA named Sam. All night he had tried to contact his friends that lived in Godalming, but no one answered. So we were walking down high street and he gets a call and its from his friend Matt, who happened to be walking across the street with Vicky at the same time! We ran across the street and he said he missed our call 40 minutes earlier and tried to call us back. And what do you know, we meet them on the street. They have def been prepared by the lord, especially Vicky, AND she lives in Godalming, which is blessing because that means we dont have to take a train or bus to see her. But shes really busy at work so we will see what happens.

Also, so Sam (not the YSA) but the guy we met last week who told us about the Christian club, was a total turd. We went all the way to Haselmere, and he was texting us about meeting us at the train so we could walk to the community center together and he never showed up. So we walked to the community center and when we got there, there was NO christian club. We got duped. We called and texted him and he never replied. BLEH. Yeah super lame.

THEN on Saturday we took a bus to Fernhurst to see a less active named Leo Bull, which is 45 minutes on bus. They dont have a train station. So we spent 7 pounds for this bus ride for Leo to not even be home. Luckily, we stopped by a members house and got a fajita wrap, so that was cool. When we left, we waited for the next bus, got on, only to find out the bus doesn’t stop in Godalming. awesome. We had to spend another 5 pounds for a train ticket from Haselmere. ugh.

Found out Elder Merrill our district leader is leaving us this week, sad day. He is so awesome, and great missionary. Hopefully the next DL is as funny and weird as he is, cuz im not sure who else would fit in with our district.

We also met a really cool named guy named Stuart, who was so cool, he liked everything we told him, said he believed it all, except that he was gay.. Oh well, he was nice and we had a good talk with him! He had an adorable dog named Dolly! SO CUTE.

We have just been searching for people to find. Its hard when all the missionaries around you are having baptisms left and right and you dont even have one investigator… BUT! My spirits are not down. me and Sis E know miracles are just around the corner! Heavenly Father is looking out for us, i know itll be ok!

I love and miss you all! England is great…and YES THE WEATHER IS GETTING COLD BLEEEEEH

Sister Brittain xoxo

pics of all the hot cheetos and armadillos!
as well as elder merrill…lol

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Sept. 23

So hello to all of those I added to my email! This week has been pretty good! Much better than the last two weeks, bleh. But! All is well in England!

Tuesday, we visited Patsy. We were going to tell her we couldnt meet with her anymore because she wasn’t interested in the Gospel, she just liked to talk with us. So right before we went to tell her we can’t come back, she begins crying and telling us that we make her day etcetc. THEN she pulls out wool and says to pick out a color because she is going to knit us hats. Well, as long as I get a hat out of it, thats cool! No but really, Patsy is so sweet, and always gives us treats and things whenever we visit her and her 93 year old, toothless, droopy eye mother. Its always fun with The Grandma there!

Wednesay was Zone Training. So we went to Staines (its like two hours by train to get there) and got to have an interview with Pres Millar, he’s such a sweet man. Me and Sis E had to give a presentation. The assistants to the president told us me and Sis E were super unified! So I guess we did pretty good!

Thursday, I did an exchange. So instead of Sis E, I was with Sister Grosso for 24 hours. She is the sister training leader for our Zone. She goes home in a week so she is an awesome missionary. I learned from her. It was weird being the leader for the area since Sis E went to Reading and I stayed in Godalming. BUT! They say exchanges bring miracles, and boy did they!

So me and sis Grosso went to Haslemere because we had coorlation that night at the Bulls house. We talked to everyone on the street and while walking in the cold, nasty rain, we stopped a guy named Sam. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he agreed to let us see him again! woohoo! New investigator! THEN, later in the day he texted saying the lady that taught him about God wants us to teach their christian club! how cool! The miracles contiunued all day because ended up teaching 9 lessons and meeting alot of really cool people that are definitely potential people to teach. It was so awesome. We also ate lunch with a member at an old folks community center (lucky for me they had fish and chips), her name is Heather…shes interesting haha. She has bright purple hair! She talked our ears off. It was quite awkward when she started crying about her three pet rats that died 10 years ago… LOL. It was fun to hear her talk though.

Yesterday me and Sis E were in Shalford visited a less active named Sanrda, and on the way to her house we met Javier. He had the cutest baby! Lil Rafael, anyway. We talked to him a bit and he was totally interested in learning more! Another new investigator! Miracle!

So yeah! England is awesome! I’m having so much fun, like even when I’m miserably cold, I’m having fun. Today I’m eating Thai food for lunch. im so excited….hint the sarcasm….But its cuz Sister Erasmus turns 21 next week! woohoo! I can’t beleive I’ve almost been out for two whole months! yikes! this time is flying by!

anyway, I love this gospel. I encourage everyone to read the Book of Mormon, just learn about it. This gospel is for everyone, its given me true happiness! Jesus Christ truly is the Savior!

Til next week! I love you all!
-Sister Brittain

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All is well in Godalming! this week was a tad bit better than last. I dont have much time today, but again this week was kinda boring.
First off, we taught a skitzophrenic… (sp?) yeaaaah. he was a referall from the Aldershot Elders. They told us he was completely sane…NO. We went to teach him and kept telling us he wanted to get baptised to get rid of his demon oppression and that Jesus told him that he will be saved as a king on his right side. After that lesson we decided we are not def not teaching him again. That was intertesting.
Miracle of the week: We prayed to teach a youth and we got a online referall for this young girl named Mary! She’s 17 and shes awesome. Her parents are like super athiest. When we went to teach her they didnt even want to be home. They drunk called her in the middle of our lessons and asked her if she asked us about dinosaurs.. She said she always felt like there was more. She loves America and wants to move here someday. Apparently thats where she met her first mormon. She also watced the show Big Love and that got her interested… so yeah! She said she wants to be taught by email, but we are hoping to see her again because shes the first normal person for us to teach…
I had an AMAZING roast dinner last night at the Bairds. Sis Baird cooked roast, yorkshire pudding, potatoes and more and we had a apple, blackerry crumble made from heaven. SO GOOD.
So Saturday was a rough day for me. I broke my watch, got scratched by a vine, had Miracle Michelle cancel on us again:(, and then I left our phone in Melika’s car (shes an real cool YSA). That was not good…The district leaders showed up at our door in the morning to see if we were alive because we werent answering our phone. woops!
Btw, our district is so awesome. We have two elders from the same town in idaho, one elder from fiji, one sister from scotland, sis E from canada, the elder missing a leg. so diverse!
Today we had a district PDAY. It was an Oscars party. We all had to make movies and the zone leaders would judge them. Guess who won? ME AND SIS ERASMUS. We made one making fun of the District, its a missionary training video and its so lame but we made fun of it perfectly. Our prize was a giant blow of TREX, pictures to come.
Like I said, this week wasnt very eventful but Im so happy out here. Me and Sis E have a blast every day and even when its cold, rainy and I dont want to work, Im still having a blast. I hope everyone is doing swell! Love yall!
-sister brittain

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Mission Monthiversary!

Hey everyone!
So its been a whole month! Can you believe it? I cant, time goes by soooo fast out here. Anyway ill start with how my week went: not so great.
So Chama, our baptismal date, dropped us. We were walking to house to teach her the Plan of Salvation and there was a nice little note of the door. “To missionary sisters”. it explained she had a wedding to go to and how the Book of Mormon was on the ground in a bag. So we were really bummed. She was so cool and fun to talk too.
We had a member with us, his name is Connell. He was going to take us to lunch, but we were in Farncombe, with no places to eat. So we took a train back to Godalming. We met him at the station and he was a bit miffed that we couldnt ride in the car with him. So he bought us a taxi ride (which we think is also against the rules). We end up eating at a Methodist church where they served lunch on saturdays. it was sooo awkward. it was full of really old people, like ancient old people. they all were staring at us. we ended up eating gross toasties with onions and tomatoes. bleh this one man was like “your not hear to convert us right?” turns out this man was athiest and only went to church for his wife. He was quite nice but as he left he said “i hope you see the light soon!” as she spanked his wife. ugh. it was the most awkward experience so far…
So on Tuesday, this is a funny story about how learned a lesson obedience. We ate at the YSA house, where a bunch of the college age students live. They fed us tacos and we made them look up funny youtube videos for us. (Sis E, said our district leader Elder Merrill would do it with poeple so i guess we thought that meant we could too) it was nice, but didnt reallytalk about the gospel to much. We got a ride back to our flat from Lucy. We say bye walk to the door and Sis E says she cant find the keys.. it was already past our curfew and if we couldnt find the keys we were screwed. Zone Leaders would have to drive from Staines, which is an hour away, to pick us up to stay with other sisters until we could get a key MADE. anyway, we call lucy to come back to help and for about an hour we stuck our hands in the mail flap and doggy door trying to get the door open. We eventualyl use one of my headbands, a stick, and hairtyes to make this contraption . We stuck it into the mail flap and Sis E messed with it for like 45 minutes. by this time i was just sitting down admiring Lucy’s watch, that looks exactly like my fossil watch that broke during the MTC (which i got fixed because she had an extra pin!) anyway Sis E FINALLY gets the door open with our stick thingy and we go inside, lucy leaves and I ask Sis E where the keys were. She says “No where important….” and i immediately say “they were in your bag werent they….” yup. she had the keys the whole time. i just rolled on the floor laughing/crying. Heavenly Father played a nice little trick on us. trust me, we arent going to watch funny youtube videos about the prancercise lady AGAIN
Oh we ate at cool resturant called Mimosas with our district and zone leaders. It was like asian buffet, so good. Btw, there is an Elder in our district, who was also in the MTC with me. He has a prosthetic leg!!! Oh and he was on the US olympic bobsled team. NO BIG DEAL. we all thought it was pretty cool.
And if you know anything about Miracle Michelle, she didnt show up for her appt last week BUT shes back! We visited her this week and she was home, she is getting surgery this week and we are going to her house to help her with things around the house/groceries since she will be bed ridden. Service is the best way to show the love of christ to people.
We’ve taught a few others, like an old man named Laurie, but he doesnt understand why we need christ, so thats been hard. We are also teachign a woman named Lindsey, who’s son is best friends with a member and he is taking the missionary lessons so she just kinda wants to see what he is learning. Other than that, we have no one. Most of our days are going around trying to find people to teach. But Im loving England, I had my first roast dinner yesterday, yum. Btw, i dont like curry bleh. Anyway, hope all is well in Texas and elsewhere. I heard Serena won the US Open YAYAY!!!! love me some tennis. I love you all and I’m so happy to be doing the Lord’s work.
Send me letters, emails or whatever. Missionaries love to get letters!
Flat 4 Beechcroft
46 Busbridge Lane
Godalming, Surrey
best wishes and love to all!
-sis brittain xx

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First Week out in the Field!

Anyway, my week has been awesome. The ward here are so kind, they feed us dinner sometimes and buy some of the groceries we need. Everytime I say I’m from texas they say “THE LONESTAR STATE!” and im like yeahhh!! woohoo!
there are tennis courts right outside our flat so one of the families, the Jackson family gave us raquets and balls and we went and played yesterday. Sis Erasmus isn’t that good but what can you do. we plan on playing in the mornings and she can be up to my level in no time.
I just want to share a couple of miracles that happened this past week, During our district meeting, we talked about praying specifically, to help us find those who need to be found. So me and sis E decdied to try it out.
Walking to this street i stopped and said a prayer to meet a young woman, who would greet us with a smile, and recently suffered a loss and needed comfort. Sis E prayed she would have blonde hair and a pink dress. So we go down a street, and the second door who do we meet? Michelle. She opens the door with a smile, has blonde hair and a pink dress. She tells us she doesnt have a lot of faith because many of friends have committed suicide in the past year… A miracle from heavenly father!!! She has a son named connor who told us he believes in God. We scheduled to talk to her the next day but she didnt show 😦 so we will see again sometimes this week.
Another miracle is Becky. We knocked on her door shortly after michelle. She was covered in paint and told us she might slam the door in our face if her baby starts crying. We told her about the Book of Mormon and she asked us for one and how she could contact us. Her baby never made a sound. She said ten mintues earlier her best friend called and said she breast cancer so she said a prayer and then we showed up. How cool?!
We taught a girl named Chama. Shes 23 and orignally from Zambia. WE knocked on her door last week and she agreed to meet with us. She has a baptismal date for sept 28! She said she always searching for the truth. Shes awesome, she was fun to talk to because she was younger than all the people we have taught so far.
England is great, I haven’t had any nasty food but I did have some nice fish and chips! Which is delcious.
Me and Sis E get along quite well! At first it was bit awkard but we laugh alot and we talk all night about random stuff. so its all good! I’m loving this mission and i love the people im serving.

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