First Week out in the Field!

Anyway, my week has been awesome. The ward here are so kind, they feed us dinner sometimes and buy some of the groceries we need. Everytime I say I’m from texas they say “THE LONESTAR STATE!” and im like yeahhh!! woohoo!
there are tennis courts right outside our flat so one of the families, the Jackson family gave us raquets and balls and we went and played yesterday. Sis Erasmus isn’t that good but what can you do. we plan on playing in the mornings and she can be up to my level in no time.
I just want to share a couple of miracles that happened this past week, During our district meeting, we talked about praying specifically, to help us find those who need to be found. So me and sis E decdied to try it out.
Walking to this street i stopped and said a prayer to meet a young woman, who would greet us with a smile, and recently suffered a loss and needed comfort. Sis E prayed she would have blonde hair and a pink dress. So we go down a street, and the second door who do we meet? Michelle. She opens the door with a smile, has blonde hair and a pink dress. She tells us she doesnt have a lot of faith because many of friends have committed suicide in the past year… A miracle from heavenly father!!! She has a son named connor who told us he believes in God. We scheduled to talk to her the next day but she didnt show 😦 so we will see again sometimes this week.
Another miracle is Becky. We knocked on her door shortly after michelle. She was covered in paint and told us she might slam the door in our face if her baby starts crying. We told her about the Book of Mormon and she asked us for one and how she could contact us. Her baby never made a sound. She said ten mintues earlier her best friend called and said she breast cancer so she said a prayer and then we showed up. How cool?!
We taught a girl named Chama. Shes 23 and orignally from Zambia. WE knocked on her door last week and she agreed to meet with us. She has a baptismal date for sept 28! She said she always searching for the truth. Shes awesome, she was fun to talk to because she was younger than all the people we have taught so far.
England is great, I haven’t had any nasty food but I did have some nice fish and chips! Which is delcious.
Me and Sis E get along quite well! At first it was bit awkard but we laugh alot and we talk all night about random stuff. so its all good! I’m loving this mission and i love the people im serving.

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