All is well in Godalming! this week was a tad bit better than last. I dont have much time today, but again this week was kinda boring.
First off, we taught a skitzophrenic… (sp?) yeaaaah. he was a referall from the Aldershot Elders. They told us he was completely sane…NO. We went to teach him and kept telling us he wanted to get baptised to get rid of his demon oppression and that Jesus told him that he will be saved as a king on his right side. After that lesson we decided we are not def not teaching him again. That was intertesting.
Miracle of the week: We prayed to teach a youth and we got a online referall for this young girl named Mary! She’s 17 and shes awesome. Her parents are like super athiest. When we went to teach her they didnt even want to be home. They drunk called her in the middle of our lessons and asked her if she asked us about dinosaurs.. She said she always felt like there was more. She loves America and wants to move here someday. Apparently thats where she met her first mormon. She also watced the show Big Love and that got her interested… so yeah! She said she wants to be taught by email, but we are hoping to see her again because shes the first normal person for us to teach…
I had an AMAZING roast dinner last night at the Bairds. Sis Baird cooked roast, yorkshire pudding, potatoes and more and we had a apple, blackerry crumble made from heaven. SO GOOD.
So Saturday was a rough day for me. I broke my watch, got scratched by a vine, had Miracle Michelle cancel on us again:(, and then I left our phone in Melika’s car (shes an real cool YSA). That was not good…The district leaders showed up at our door in the morning to see if we were alive because we werent answering our phone. woops!
Btw, our district is so awesome. We have two elders from the same town in idaho, one elder from fiji, one sister from scotland, sis E from canada, the elder missing a leg. so diverse!
Today we had a district PDAY. It was an Oscars party. We all had to make movies and the zone leaders would judge them. Guess who won? ME AND SIS ERASMUS. We made one making fun of the District, its a missionary training video and its so lame but we made fun of it perfectly. Our prize was a giant blow of TREX, pictures to come.
Like I said, this week wasnt very eventful but Im so happy out here. Me and Sis E have a blast every day and even when its cold, rainy and I dont want to work, Im still having a blast. I hope everyone is doing swell! Love yall!
-sister brittain

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  1. Michelle Cox

    What an adventure you’re having! You are getting to meet all kinds of people (even some crazies), and this time you spend out there will be special and stay with you for the rest of your life. 🙂 I’m happy to read that you are working hard and doing your best (even when it gets boring and there are few people to teach). Keep going! Your example is blessing our whole ward down here in Nac. And even if you don’t have anyone to teach for some stretches of time, you are always teaching yourself and gaining important knowledge and understand, increasing your love for God’s children and His gospel. That will never be a waste of time. 🙂

    Take care!

    Sister Cox

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