Sept. 23

So hello to all of those I added to my email! This week has been pretty good! Much better than the last two weeks, bleh. But! All is well in England!

Tuesday, we visited Patsy. We were going to tell her we couldnt meet with her anymore because she wasn’t interested in the Gospel, she just liked to talk with us. So right before we went to tell her we can’t come back, she begins crying and telling us that we make her day etcetc. THEN she pulls out wool and says to pick out a color because she is going to knit us hats. Well, as long as I get a hat out of it, thats cool! No but really, Patsy is so sweet, and always gives us treats and things whenever we visit her and her 93 year old, toothless, droopy eye mother. Its always fun with The Grandma there!

Wednesay was Zone Training. So we went to Staines (its like two hours by train to get there) and got to have an interview with Pres Millar, he’s such a sweet man. Me and Sis E had to give a presentation. The assistants to the president told us me and Sis E were super unified! So I guess we did pretty good!

Thursday, I did an exchange. So instead of Sis E, I was with Sister Grosso for 24 hours. She is the sister training leader for our Zone. She goes home in a week so she is an awesome missionary. I learned from her. It was weird being the leader for the area since Sis E went to Reading and I stayed in Godalming. BUT! They say exchanges bring miracles, and boy did they!

So me and sis Grosso went to Haslemere because we had coorlation that night at the Bulls house. We talked to everyone on the street and while walking in the cold, nasty rain, we stopped a guy named Sam. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he agreed to let us see him again! woohoo! New investigator! THEN, later in the day he texted saying the lady that taught him about God wants us to teach their christian club! how cool! The miracles contiunued all day because ended up teaching 9 lessons and meeting alot of really cool people that are definitely potential people to teach. It was so awesome. We also ate lunch with a member at an old folks community center (lucky for me they had fish and chips), her name is Heather…shes interesting haha. She has bright purple hair! She talked our ears off. It was quite awkward when she started crying about her three pet rats that died 10 years ago… LOL. It was fun to hear her talk though.

Yesterday me and Sis E were in Shalford visited a less active named Sanrda, and on the way to her house we met Javier. He had the cutest baby! Lil Rafael, anyway. We talked to him a bit and he was totally interested in learning more! Another new investigator! Miracle!

So yeah! England is awesome! I’m having so much fun, like even when I’m miserably cold, I’m having fun. Today I’m eating Thai food for lunch. im so excited….hint the sarcasm….But its cuz Sister Erasmus turns 21 next week! woohoo! I can’t beleive I’ve almost been out for two whole months! yikes! this time is flying by!

anyway, I love this gospel. I encourage everyone to read the Book of Mormon, just learn about it. This gospel is for everyone, its given me true happiness! Jesus Christ truly is the Savior!

Til next week! I love you all!
-Sister Brittain


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