Sept. 30

Hi everyone! I dont have alot of time left, but this week has been kinda slow anyway..

So, First off, one miracle that happened was meeting Vicky and Matt. We were out knocking with one of the YSA named Sam. All night he had tried to contact his friends that lived in Godalming, but no one answered. So we were walking down high street and he gets a call and its from his friend Matt, who happened to be walking across the street with Vicky at the same time! We ran across the street and he said he missed our call 40 minutes earlier and tried to call us back. And what do you know, we meet them on the street. They have def been prepared by the lord, especially Vicky, AND she lives in Godalming, which is blessing because that means we dont have to take a train or bus to see her. But shes really busy at work so we will see what happens.

Also, so Sam (not the YSA) but the guy we met last week who told us about the Christian club, was a total turd. We went all the way to Haselmere, and he was texting us about meeting us at the train so we could walk to the community center together and he never showed up. So we walked to the community center and when we got there, there was NO christian club. We got duped. We called and texted him and he never replied. BLEH. Yeah super lame.

THEN on Saturday we took a bus to Fernhurst to see a less active named Leo Bull, which is 45 minutes on bus. They dont have a train station. So we spent 7 pounds for this bus ride for Leo to not even be home. Luckily, we stopped by a members house and got a fajita wrap, so that was cool. When we left, we waited for the next bus, got on, only to find out the bus doesn’t stop in Godalming. awesome. We had to spend another 5 pounds for a train ticket from Haselmere. ugh.

Found out Elder Merrill our district leader is leaving us this week, sad day. He is so awesome, and great missionary. Hopefully the next DL is as funny and weird as he is, cuz im not sure who else would fit in with our district.

We also met a really cool named guy named Stuart, who was so cool, he liked everything we told him, said he believed it all, except that he was gay.. Oh well, he was nice and we had a good talk with him! He had an adorable dog named Dolly! SO CUTE.

We have just been searching for people to find. Its hard when all the missionaries around you are having baptisms left and right and you dont even have one investigator… BUT! My spirits are not down. me and Sis E know miracles are just around the corner! Heavenly Father is looking out for us, i know itll be ok!

I love and miss you all! England is great…and YES THE WEATHER IS GETTING COLD BLEEEEEH

Sister Brittain xoxo

pics of all the hot cheetos and armadillos!
as well as elder merrill…lol


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