Oct. 21

This week has been much better than the last. 

Monday we had district Pday, I got to play some tennis! Our new District Leader, Elder Schumann is actually pretty good so it was nice to play, I was a little rusty but still had a lot of fun. Afterward we met up with the Aldershot sisters and ate at Nandos. It has delicious fries. YUM. 
Tuesday…Well we found out we could start looking for flats! Never thought I would be doing that while I was on a mission! We went online and called a bunch of places. It was awkward, when we tell them we are two females looking for a one bedroom flat, most of them think we are “partners”. Oh well! That night we finally got to meet with the bishop! We had some good curry, which is now the national favorite food, it even beats fish n chips. But it was really nice, we looked over maps and things. We prayed about some streets and he told us to work in Milford and Farncombe before we move. It was a cool experience because the bishop holds the keys to the work! 
Wednesday, spent all day looking at flats with a YSA, Charlotte. Shes pretty cool, drives a motorbike everywhere. After looking at flats she took us to this MEXCAN FOOD place!!! It was like being home…sorta. There was mexican paintings all over the wall and it said Tex-Mex. It was just weird that it was Indians that served and cooked the food. But it was nice to have a taste of home 🙂
Thursday we had district meeting and then I went on an exchange with Sister Godard! Usually sisters don’t switch like that, but since we are one of the only districts with two sets of sisters, we got to exchange! I got to go to Aldershot. Which is full of Nepalese people. Whenever we walk with the Aldershot elders they always say “Namaste” to all the Nepalese people. It was pretty fun to be with her, shes a hoot. A miracle that happened with her though: We were in a town called Bordon, and we were knocking some houses. As we were leaving this house, and going to the next one, this man that had been cleaning windows at the house next to us, ran over to us saying “Sisters!!” He started talking to Sis G and he said his name was Leo Bull. If any of you remember, we visited a less active named Leo Bull in a town called Fernhurst, when we visited him but he wasnt home we left a note and later we got a text saying he wasn’t interested. WELL GUESS WHO THIS WAS!!! THE LEO BULL. It was so crazy, he apologized for being rude in the text and that he just wasn’t interested. Mind you, Bordon and Fernhurst are realllly far apart. It was good to finally meet him and put a face to the name. Even if he doesn’t want to come back to church, it was a crazy miracle that we saw him.
Friday.. We taught this girl named amy…now this was interesting. firstly one wall had Marilyn Manson posters EVERYWHERE. along with naked paintings, and men with blood everywhere. scary. but wait theres more. the other walls had puppies, kittens, and ponies . her crazy staffie (which is like an mini pitbull) and the smell and smoke of incense made it that much better. although she had like 10 piercings one her face, the lesson went well! but apparently there was porn posters in her room as well.. But hey, everyone needs the gospe, no matter what your musical and “artistic” tastes are…
Saturday was spent flat finding again and working in the charity shop. Sunday all the missionaries gave talks so that was fun. After church we taught Uma, who is the Elder investigator but they asked us to teach her. We taught her tithing and fasting and it went great. Shes a little cooky though. She asked us to think of a new “Mormon and Christian” name for her since her name is arabic. She is really embracing this new change in her life. I love her though, even if she has few nuts and botls loose, her baptism is next week! Cant wait!!!!
Well guys, I will be moving soon so PLEASE if you send anything send it to the mission address which is 

Sister Abby Brittain
England london south mission
The London Temple
West Park Rd
RH7 6NB 
Well, my mission is going pretty great. I’ve learned a lot of about faith and patience lately. Heavenly Father sometimes waits to give us answers to prayers because we have to wait for HIS timing. I love being a missionary, even when its rainy, cold and everyone slams the door in your face cause they think you are a Jehovah Witness. There are people out there and we WILL find them. 
I love you all so much! youre in my prayers
Much love,
Sister Brittain xx

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