Oct. 28

Let me tell you, this has been an AMAZING week! I don’t have much time so I will try my best to describe this week. 

Tuesday was zone conference! I got to see some people from the MTC, so it was really nice! It was also neat because our Bishop got to give a talk. He is one cool dude. He gave a shout out to all the missionaries in our ward, including “Sister Kunz”. So funny, he didn’t even notice that he said Sister instead of Elder. Elder Kunz got so red… Well it was really neat to have President talk to us and such. At the end the APs were like “after the last speaker we will hear testimonies from…” I immediately knew I would be chosen. And of course, they said my name. I got to bear my testimony in front of President Millar and 3 entire zones. I ended up tearing up/crying. But then  Elder Wolfgramm, the guy in my district without a leg went after me. He told everyone about how every night he goes to bed in pain, with blisters and blood on his leg but when he wakes up, he is completely healed with no wounds or scars. How amazing is that? 
Wednesday we were in Milford all day because that is where Bishop felt inspired that we should go. And was he right! So we were knocking a street that he had picked out for us. We knocked on this woman’s house, and sorta taught a lesson, and invited her to church. She was from Latvia and could hardly speak English. We asked if we could pray, thinking nothing would come from this lesson, but after we asked to pray, she invited us inside! She told us to take a seat. And then looked at us and said “Maybe you teach me more?” YES!!!! We tried our best to teach her and told her we can get her a Latvian Book of Mormon! We set up a time to see her again this week! It was amazing, we called Bishop as soon as we could to tell him! 
Thursday, we taught Lindsey. She is the mother of a boy who is being taught by the Aldershot sisters. Well its been rather difficult with her because she doesn’t want to pray. She told us that joining the church were destroy her family. We know she knows its true, she just doesn’t want to split her family. We went into the lesson with the plan to talk about prayer and show a mormon message. Sis E bore her testimony and the spirit was so strong. Lindsey really opened up with us. At the end, instead of just saying a prayer of thanks without asking for anything, she actually said “please help me understand not because I need to know but because I WANT to know” This is a HUGE step for her. We were so excited! 
The rest of the week Sister Erasmus was sick:( So we were stuck in the flat all day. But she is slowly recovering! But, the highlight of the week was definitely Sunday. We got to witness 3 baptisms!! This is a big deal for this ward. This ward has had 5 baptisms in the past 6 months, this is the most its had in 10 years! It was really cool to see Uma, Giselle and her son Clayvon be baptised. They were so happy afterwards, Clayvon who is 9, had tears in his eyes when he came out from the water. It was great to be apart of. Even if I didn’t teach them, I was so happy for them and the Elders! 
Also, Sister Erasmus’s convert, who was baptised a couple months ago told on us Sunday he is for sure going to serve a mission! HOW AWESOME! I always teased him about serving but he got a confirmation that he has to go! I’m super excited for him. 
This upcoming week we are also going to teach Lara, who was a former investigator of Sis Es. She actually texted us on Sunday saying she wants to meet with us again and apologized to Sis E for being so rude last time. (Lara dropped Sis E months ago, and was really rude. She gave back all her pamplets, Book of Mormon etc, it was really rough and sad for Sister Erasmus) We will also teach a referall named Teofy and hopefully another referally named Yana! Things are picking up!
Anyway, guys this week has been full of fun, exciting miracles! I can’t wait to see what happens this week. Again, transfers are coming up and I will for sure be moving flats.(YAY) So send anything to the mission. I probably wont have a lot of time next week to email because I’m going to WINDSOR CASTLE!!! AGGGH
Sister Abby Brittain
England london south mission
The London Temple
West Park Rd
RH7 6NB .
I love you all, I know my Redeemer Lives and that his work and the TRUE gospel of Jesus Christ!
love sister brittain xxxx

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