Oct. 7

So this week was an interesting one!

Monday was Sis E’s Bday! We went to the Bull’s for dinner. Let me tell you, this family is amazing. Bro Bull is a great ward mission leader, he has a great love for the work and us missionaries! Anyway, we got a wonderful fajita dinner, almost as good a real Tex mex! The kids made a chocolate cake with a chocolate buttons, jazzies, snowies and homemade honeycomb. SO GOOD. Sis E got a bag with 21 little presents and then we played pass the parcel that her family sent her. You unwrap each layer and you have to do something funny and you get a sweet. Like Elder Merrill had to speak in a Russian accent and Evie Bull had to lie on the ground like a dying fly. Got some good videos! It was so fun, I hope im still here for my bday!
Tuesday we visited Patsy…hahaha…Well she also made Sis E a cake. So she comes out with this cake and it has a weird bulbous candle. She says “oh it was supposed to sing happy birthday but i guess its broken..” seconds later it explodes. The flower opens up with sparks and fire and starts playing the tune of happy birthday. Peggy (which is the 93, toothless, saggy eyed grandma) is just cackling at the fact that me and Sis E jumped like 5 feet in the air. So funny. But, Patsy made us cute matching wool hats and scarfs! Ill send pics next week!
Another mishap happened when we got separated on the trains.. We were running late  for a DA and our train. We were going under the ground to get to other platform but Sis E was ahead of me. When I rounded the stairs I couldnt see which train doors she went through. So I go to the farthest left. Im on the train, I dont see Sis E. I walk to the next coach of the train. No Sis E. I look out the train window to see Sis E looking for me. Im banging on the window for her to see me but its to late. I tried to open the train doors but the train was leaving. She had hopped on the train, looked behind her to see me gone, so she hopped off to find me but I had actually been on the train, just in a different coach. The train left and I just sat there with my hands on the window as it went away. Very dramatic. Haha. Yeah so she called the DLs and they met me at the train station in Guildford. WOOPS
Some miracles.
Last week in Godalming we met this guy named Roberto at a bus stop. We taught him a little, gave him a BoM, the usual. He was actually from Aldershot so we had to give his info to the Aldershot Elders. Apparently, a few days later, they said they wanted to talk to this guy on a bench, and as they got closer they realized he was reading a Book of Mormon. It was Roberto! They stopped him, and talked to him. They are going to teach him and his Mom! How cool!!!!!!
On our way back from Conference on Saturday, us and the Guildford Elders were on the train. This man came up to us, you could tell it really took a lot for him to get the courage to talk to us. He asked if we were Mormon missionaries and talked about how he needs direction because he and his wife are going through a divorce. He wanted to know how the scriptures could be relevant in today’s world. We taught a little bit about the BoM and said a prayer with him. After the prayer he just looked down and looked as if he was holding back tears. You could tell the spirit really touched him. He lives in South Hampton so we got his info and we told him missionaries could meet with him and he agreed. It was really cool experience. 
Also saw Miracle Michelle again. We went and set up a time to meet her. Went the next day, knocked with no answer. We tried a gain later that day. This time we saw someone in the window. Yeah, we got stood up and ignored. Most would be bummed out when their miracle turned out to be a dud. But that miracle gave us faith in praying specifically. I know Michelle needs the gospel, but she just needs time to be prepared.  
Its been a fun week. We spent a day shopping in Guildford and eating at a fun chicken place called Nandos..mmm. Its a missionary fav.   General Conference was amazing. I love to hear from the Prophet and apostles. Its even a cooler experience as a missionary. 
I love you all, I hope you all know that Heavenly Father loves you like no other. I pray that you feel his love daily!
Lots of love,
Sis Brittain xx

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