Nov. 4

So this week was long…Sister Erasmus was sick with a super bad cold all week long.  half of the time we would go out for like an hour and come right back inside. 

On Monday we went to Charlotte’s house, a YSA in the ward. Francesca, who is another YSA that recently moved away, was visiting so we went to dinner over there. Charlotte cooked us a homemade quiche!
So I am going to try my best to explain Lara. Lara was a miracle, former investigator that Sister Erasmus taught months ago. They contacted her on the street and she was golden. Totally accepted everything and was going to be baptized. But…she is going through a rough court case with her ex husband who lives in America. She suffered/suffers from depression and because of that, her kids are most likely going to live in the US with her ex and his wife. Anyway, so after they taught her for awhile, she dropped them out of the blue. Returned all of her pamphlets, her Book of Mormon, didn’t want anything to do with church. It was really tough for Sister E because she came to really love Lara. Well last Sunday we got a text from her that she wanted to meet with again and wanted another Book of Mormon. We were excited but hesitant because we didn’t want to get our hopes up. We visited her on Tuesday. It was AMAZING. Lara was doing great, she was happy, smiling, she hadn’t been trying to quit smoking. The best part was, that she told us that one day as she was praying about something random in her Anglican church, out of nowhere she had the overwhelming feeling of love and peace and she KNEW the Book of Mormon was true. We were so excited!!! We gave her a new baptismal date for November 9th, which she gladly accepted, she gave us all her tea and coffee and we set up times to meet her everyday and teach her the lessons over again, even though she had already been taught. All was well.. Until Wednesday morning… we got a text. She said her Mum told her that she cannot get baptized because she is unwell and needs to finish the court case. We were so upset and frantic… We rushed out of the flat to Lara’s house. We talked to her, prayed with her and gave her the courage to talk to her mum (Lara is a grown woman…) Anyway, we thought everything was fine, and left. Thursday night we got another text…She has to wait until the new year because what she does can effect her court case, she has to discuss her religion with her mental health team, and there is court order the kids be raised Anglican..Its all complicated…We are really disappointed. We’ve cried and prayed and fasted to have help with Lara. But she is amazing, and she still wants to be baptized. Sometimes Satan uses powers beyond a persons reach, but Lara will be baptized…just not now.
wow sorry that was all long..probably really confusing. But I just HAD to explain what happened with Lara. That doesn’t even begin to explain the roller coaster of emotion that came with that. 
Anyway… We taught Laura, the Latvian again this week. It was extremely difficult because she doesn’t know English very well. Everything has to be taught very simply. She didn’t understand the word Atonement. To make it worse..she started asking us about some Anti-Mormon things.. We are pretty sure the Jehovah Witnesses have spoken to her because she asked us our opinion on them before we left. She is still letting us teach her so  thats good!
Halloween is not a big holiday here at all, Seriously, we saw little kids just walking around in T shirts and a mask. THATS NOT A COSTUME… Anyway, because we can’t knock doors on Halloween (people would just give us candy…which isnt bad…but a being a missionary isnt a costume!) We ended up just staying at a members home. I volunteered to give out the candy 🙂
There was a ward bonfire on Friday. Fireworks included! It was really fun. We ate hot dogs! They even had american mustard!! Also I ate a donut off a string. Pretty proud of myself. The ward here is really amazing, I REALLY want to stay here. at least til my birthday…
I also went to Windsor castle today, NO BIG DEAL. Sorry no, it is a big deal. It was so awesome! My first castle. Pretty great.
Well this week was good, I have watched Nora’s Christmas at least 5 times now and drank so much hot chocolate while listening to Sis E complain about her cold. It was still a great week. because being a missionary is amazing and I love how much Heavenly Father loves us. His love is so infinite. I feel His love everyday, whether it be from the Holy Ghost, from the sunshine, or the members here in the Guildford ward. England is hard for missionary work, but I know there are people here! Just gotta keep on going!
Sorry this week the letter is long and might be a bit boring, but I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! Next week I will know if I am moving or staying!
Much love
sister brittain xx

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