December 16, 2013 (Happy Birthday Abby!)

Ok so I am 20 now…no longer a teenager. Its really weird and i don’t know how I feel about it!!! But the ward has been great, my fav families all gave me little gifts. Tonight I’m having a good bday dinner with the amazing Jackson family 🙂 Also, apparently the district is throwing a birthday party for me at the chapel today, so that will be fun! I wonder what Elder Schumann came up with… He had his guitar in the library soooo idk what will happen!

I just want to say a big THANK YOU to the ward. I’m so grateful for the amazing package yall put together. I loved it all!!! I will be writing back soon!
This week was kind of rough. On Saturday as we came to our a flat we saw an ambulance in the car park. Our first thought: Mandy. We were right. We stayed at the top of the stairs and listened in as the EMTs had to bang on the door and scream her name. When she finally opened up they said “Mandy, you cut your face…” We didn’t listen to the rest. We haven’t been able to see her and we are really worried. We aren’t sure what will happen :/
Darrel skipped out on church..again. This time he had a cold. He also skipped on our lesson with him. What was his reason? He was up all night listening to crickets….If he doesn’t show at church next week we will have to move on.
The news I am most gutted about is Latvian Laura is moving back to Latvia. I am SO sad. We were finally getting somewhere with her. She is so great and I really came to love her. But we will be referring her to some lucky missionaries in Latvia.
Other than that, not much happened. I met a girl from Texas!! She is from Austin!! how cool?!? She works at this craft store we always go too and when she heard my accent she asked where I was from and she freaked when I said Texas. She has actually heard of Nacogdoches and BEEN there. Never thought Id hear that in England.
Other cool fact, a husband to a member in the ward here is the guy that made all the swords and armor for movie Princess Bride! Thats pretty neat, he has also done some work for Lord of the Rings as well. 
Funny quote of the week: “Sorry can’t talk, I’m up to my knickers in chutney!” as this old woman at a door licks all her fingers. HAHA if you didn’t know chutney is a super british thing that they all eat here. its pretty much anything that has been pickled. EW. 
Well tomorrow we go to the temple and have a Christmas dinner with the mission! I’m excited for that! I’m loving my mission, it really is going by so fast. By February I will only have a year left. 
I love you all so much and I hope you are staying warm. Please enjoy your Christmas and remember the reason we have this holiday time is because of the wonderful birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. 
Happy Christmas!!!
lots of love
Sister Brittain xxx

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