December 2, 2013

This week was pretty stinkin great! I don’t know where to begin! 

Well I will start with Gisel. She is a recent convert that the Elders baptised and this week they had an appointment with her but they couldn’t make it cause Elder Schumann had the flu. So we went instead. She’s from the Congo so she has a cool french accent. And her kids are adorable. Well we decided to reteach her the Restoration, as were teaching she was taking notes and kept saying “I didn’t know that! woooow, that is really great…” Turns out she thought Joseph Smith was still alive, didn’t know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to him and didn’t know that Christ established the church before his crucifixion and much more that she had NO CLUE about. And she was baptised!!! At the end the lesson she was so happy and said we made things so clear for her, and that she really loved how we taught her. She invited us back again. Next time her two friends she has been sharing the gospel with will be there. Needless to say, the Elders were a bit angry that we took their Recent convert AND two referrals. 
I had a wonderful Thanksgiving! The Bull family is just awesome and they fed us the traditional turkey dinner. They are great! 
We had a zone conference on Friday, and the Europe Area President was there! Elder Teixeira and his wife are such amazing people and have an amazing story. It was so great to hear from them and give us counsel and guidance. I wish I had my notes to share!
I went on exchange with Sister Adam, the sister who used to be in my district but is now Sister Training Leader for our zone. She’s so scottish and she is really outspoken. I learned a lot from her! She just talks to everyone and will really say anything to anyone. She goes home soon too! 
Sunday at church was hectic. One of the Elder’s investigators, Poppy had a breakdown in church because her best friend called her selfish. And of course, we sisters were sent in to be therapists. We sat and talked to her for about 20 minutes and said a prayer with her. This poor girl needed us to be teaching her but the Elders never wanted to hand her over. She’s 17 and lives in a hostel. So she has had a pretty rough life. Seen and done things a lot of 17 year olds shouldnt have. But she is moving to an area where the Aldershot sisters can teach her so thats good! Being a sister missionary is so awesome, always expect the unexpected. 
If you don’t remember, Mandi is the woman who asked if we saved he when she collapsed on the street and she lives in the flat right below us. Well we stopped by her house yesterday and she let us in! She is so awesome. her dad was the manager for Cliff Richard, she is good friends with Eric Clapton and is really into Blues and loves John Mayer. She told us she has pretty much lost all faith and that she was supposed to be at AA when we stopped by. We just bore our testimonies and said the gospel can really change her life. She was like “Its not a coincidence that we met the other day. You are like two beautiful little angels God have sent me” AH! She is letting us come back today to teach her! Such a miracle and blessing to have met her! Awesome thing is, we only have to go down one floor to see her!
It was hilarious though because when I told her I was from Texas she said “What! You’re not English?!” And I was like huh?! Apparently she said I sound soooo english….Hahaha. I think she has slight hearing loss from all the concerts she’s been too! 
Funny story:
One night when we were headed home (we leave in a very residential area, far away from the city center), this car came up to us with these two Indian guys and the oldest Grandpa looking one asked us “Where to London?” And we were like “uhhh do you mean London Road?” and he said “No, where to London the city?” HAHA you are a little lost dude, you are in the middle of a neighborhood like an hour away from London… We just told them to head back to the main road. He said “ok bye bye we are headed to London now!!” WHAT! ahahha we were dying.
This week has been so great! The time is flying so fast. Next week is my  4 month mark! I’m so happy here, sometimes I forget I’m in England haha. I hope you all remember the reason for the season! CHRIST. Be kinder, smile more and remember to charitable. 
I love you and miss you all!
lots of love,
sister Brittain xxxx

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