December 9, 2013

This week was such a good one! I will first explain Milford! 

We were on exchange, so I was with Sister Anena (she’s from Uganda!) in Staines and Sister Adam and Sister West were in Guildford. So one of the days they planned to see a less active named Daniel, we had no clue who he was so we were trying to figure out who he was. Well basically, when they knocked on his door, nobody answered, but as they turned to leave two guys came up the stairs. Daniel and Milford! Daniel told them he wasn’t interested in coming back to church but that his brother Milford, was thinking about going back. They talked to him and found he served a mission in Germany and had a pretty rough divorce two years ago and since then hasn’t been to church. Well we met with on Saturday in the middle of a busy mall. Halfway through talking to him the fire alarm goes off and we were all rushed outside. No harm done though. Anyway, yeah! We invited him to the ward Christmas party that night, and he actually showed up! He had a lot of fun and everyone welcomed him! He is a super great guy and he is having a rough time right now, so it’s such a great opportunity to help him come back to church and realize that the Savior’s atonement can help him in this hard time. 
Well we are still teaching our downstairs neighbor Mandy! Sort of…Sister Adam and Sister West saw her on the exchange and she accepted a day to be baptised! She always talks about how we are the angels sent to save her. She REALLY needs the Gospel. She is a alcoholic… Every time we go to see her this week, we see her passed out on her bed. She finally left us a note on our door, saying she has been “busy being ill” but everything was so scribbly and spelled wrong, we are pretty sure she was drunk when she wrote it. Also, she might have cancer… So please keep her in your prayers. I love her and think she is just so great. She needs help turning her life around.
Our other guy is Darrel. He is interesting..haha We teach him at Mcdonalds everytime. One thing I will NOT miss about England, is that fact that people don’t have good hygiene! There is very distinctive “dirty” smell, we smell it ALL the time.Its a mix of BO, dust balls, and mold. Why am i saying this? Because Darrel has this smell. He told us that it makes him self conscious and we think that’s why he didn’t show up to church on Sunday. Poor guy… He is so sweet and kind. When we taught him the Plan of Salvation, he got  really happy because he has a fear of death. It’s so great to see the look in people’s eyes and to feel the Spirit when they realize the Gospel is true 🙂
Oh yeah, ward Xmas party was awesome. Got a cool pic with Santa (Brother Baird haha), I got to be a judge for the talent show, and got plenty of yummy food. So much fun 🙂 I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time! 
Well I have official been out 4 months, crazy. And next week I turn 20?!?!? Where is the time going? Next week we get to go the Temple and have a Christmas dinner with the mission. Can’t wait for that.
I hope you are all staying warm and enjoying the Christmas season 🙂 I know I am, what better way to spend this wonderful Christmas time, than as a missionary, serving the Lord! 
I love you all!
Much love, 
Sister Brittain xxx

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