November 11, 2013

Hiya everyone! I will start off by saying its been a fantastic week! I found out that I will be staying in the Guildford area!!! I’m so excited. I love this area and the ward here is awesome. And the work is really about to take off. We are moving into our new flat that’s in the city this week, so I will get my new address out as soon as I know it 🙂 

Well this week we said goodbye to Pasty and Peggy one last time. They are some of the sweetest people I have ever met, really. They bombard us with food and sweets every time we see them. I’m gonna miss droopy eyed,  no teeth, 93 year old Peggy and all her WW2 stories. It was SO funny. They gave us sausages this time and Patsy left them room to answer the phone and while she was gone, Peggy snuck into the room with an second sausage. She looked at us and said “shhh!” and then started ferociously chowing down. She also called us sexy…HA! so sad to say goodbye!
We also visited Latvian Laura again. We went twice. The first time we showed her the Restoration DVD and after watching she said “I think it could be true” AWESOME. When we saw her again we were intending to help her with English, but it turned out she just did Sister Erasmus’ nails. Yup, bright sparkly red tips. I just sat and watched, laughing to myself as Sis E had to ooo and ahhh at her ridiculous nails. But it was worth it because she really opened up to us and talked all about her life. She is really cool! She said they would show up to church but we saw her on Saturday while we worked at the charity shop and she said she couldn’t make it because her husband has to work 😦 
A miracle this week was Lindsay. She has been really tough because she started off only want to learn because her son Rory is being taught. She’s also super catholic (except not really cause its not like she goes to church or anything). The past few lessons she has really started to open up to us, and this week we really focused on the DIFFERENCES of our church and the Catholics. She really opened up and asked lots of questions. When we watched the Restoration, she totally had tears in her eyes and said it was really moving. Shes stubborn and although she didn’t admit, we know she was touched by it. She also accepted to pray which we have been trying to get her to do for months!!! 
Another miracle! So last week at the bonfire, Sister Jackson, the family who had the bonfire, invited her friend Debbie and her daughter Amy. We chatted with them, we tried our best to make them feel welcome. I especially talked to Amy, who is 14. She was super cool and I ended up talking to her for a good 20 minutes. After the teach with Latvian Laura, we ran into Debbie! She said she loved the bonfire and everyone was so nice. She said Amy is thinking about coming to church!!! HOW GREAT. We asked the Jackson to invite them to dinner one day while we were there and apparently Amy said yes very enthusiastically! I’m super excited and think Amy is prepared for the gospel!
ANOTHER miracle is Lara. She went to church this Sunday and enjoyed it. We taught her today and she said she really feels like she needs to be baptised now, and not wait til the new year!!! Her new date is Novemeber 23! Super excited! Please keep her in you prayers! Her mother is against the church and very controlling. She needs all the help she can get.
With Transfers I am getting a new companion. Sister Erasmus is moving 😦 She is going all the way to Plymouth. My new companion is named Sister West. Don’t know much about her, I will meet her wednesday!
If you want to see a video made by some people in my ward look up “All That Glisters” on Youtube. Its made by Britherwey. Pretty funny!
Well I love this work and I love being a missionary. Can’t believe its been 3 months already! Only 15 more to go. I hope everyone is getting ready for winter! I love you all!
Much Love,
Sister Brittain

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