November 18, 2013


Nov 18
Its been a great week:) I said goodbye to Sister Erasmus Wednesday, and said gained my new comp, Sister West! She’s great and I know we will get a lot of work done here in Guildford. Which is where I live now!  No longer do I live in the land of Godalming, with old people and hills. I live in Guildford! Where there are young people and places to eat. Its gonna be awesome. Plus our new flat has heating…and we don’t have to run outside in the rain to do laundry!  

Some highlights from this week:
Lara is doing great!!! We taught her this week and she went to Stake Conference! The members were super welcoming and she loved it. Her baptism is planned for this Saturday and we are taking her to the temple on Thursday! She is a little nervous and has some anxiety about the baptism, so continued prayers for her would be great. I love her so much, its been amazing to get to know her and help her learn about this wonderful gospel! 
We saw Laura, the Latvian again this week. It was pretty cool actually. We talked about the Plan of Salvation and she started telling us about all these really spiritual dreams she’s had. She finally agreed to pray about the Book of Mormon. And then she asked us “so if I think its true, can i still go to my lutheran church?” and we explained that if its true, then it means our church is the true church of Jesus Christ and then she asked “Well does that mean I have to get baptised again?” She said she will think about it once she prays! She is going to Latvia for two weeks so we hope she gets to go to church while she is there because it would be great for her to go to church in her native language. 
We had Stake Conference, and we had an Area Seventy and a member of the Quorum of the Seventy there. The Staines Stake is getting a new stake presidency, so most of the talks were just testimonies of how awesome the past stake president was, but it was still pretty good!  
Miracle of the week: 
About a month ago Sister Erasmus and Sister Adam met this girl named Amy while on exchange.  They had an appointment set but the day of, she texted us and cancelled because she was sick. We haven’t been in contact since, but this week she texted us and said she has been ill but would love to reschedule once she is feeling better! How awesome is that! It was so out of nowhere! I hope to meet her soon!!! 
Yeah, so we are in a new flat now! Lemme just say, England is ridiculous…everything molds so fast here. When we moved our dressers, there was mold everywhere on the wall. I got the wonderful job of scrubbing it off. I’m starting to think I’m allergic to mold spores because I break out into hives like every night. 
Well, this week has gone by fast. Actually, my whole mission has gone by fast. I have already almost been out 4 months… I love being here. England is a great place to be. I love this Gospel. I know that Jesus Christ is our Saviour! Heavenly Father loves us, no matter what choices we make. I think that is just an amazing thing. Be patient in afflictions. God only gives us trials because He knows we can handle them. 
Well I gotta go, we are eating at the Gourmet Burger Kitcken with the district today! Man, do I miss American beef or what.
I love you all so much and miss you!
much love,
Sister Brittain xx 

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