November 25, 2013

It has been a great week! One of the best ones yet I would say! Why? Because Lara got baptised!!! It was a wonderful service! It was short and sweet. Surprisingly short since Freda Baird gave a talk! haha. But really, it was amazing. Afterward Lara said “I feel clean!” How wonderful. Such a blessing to be apart of her journey.

Before her baptism, we took her to the temple. Which went MUCH better than the last time. The visitor centre was empty and she was able to have the attention she needed. And instead of watching Johnny Lingo (yeah…thats what they showed her the last time…) we got to watch the Restoration! The Spirit was so strong throughout the day it was lovely. It was neat just to be at the London Temple 🙂 
A funny story from that day was when we were on the way there, we were with Sister Fotheringham, and she likes to talk…and talk. She’s one of those people that tells 5 stories in one. And there was awkward silence so to start a convo I said “So can you believe it was hailing in Aldershot yesterday?” and Sis Fotheringham says, “Oh yes! My cousin had prostate cancer…” and she starts going on and on in detail about her cousin who had prostate cancer. And me and sister West are looking at each other like “Did she not hear what I said?” and of course i’m trying sooo hard not to laugh. She talked for like ten mintues! Eventually she did reel it back in and said that this cousin got caught in the hail storm. But man, it was so funny trying not to die of laughter.
Anyway, a sad story is Latvian Laura saw anti-mormon videos online and started having doubts. It was so hard. I almost started crying in the lesson I was so sad. We just bore our testinmony and told her to ask God and get the right answers. She’s going to Latvia for 2 weeks and she might go to church there. 
Something cool though! We were leaving our flat and this woman that lives on the floor below us saw us and said “hey are you the two that saved me?” We had no idea what she was talking about. She started walking with us and told us that she collapsed in the street and someone called the ambulance but she doesnt know who it was and she wants to thank them. We gave her our card and said we were missionaries. And she said “oh that is great, I really need Jesus in my life right now” AH! We are making her cookies this week 😛
Well the work is great! I love being a missionary! It’s so great. I love it. You know, even if Lara is the only person I see baptised I would be happy. I hope you all know that Heavenly Father loves you dearly. Its unconditional. I hope you a fabulous Thanksgiving! Tis the Season y’all!
Sister Brittain xoxo 

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