Dec. 23, 2013

Hello again! Well it really is Christmas time now. Tomorrow is Xmas Eve! Say what? But I shall recap this week!

So my birthday, was fabulous. The whole district, along with the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders came together at the chapel and we are a birthday party 🙂 This included an egg toss, charades, pass the parcel, musical chairs and many more.  All planned by Elder Schumann, the German who really does have a heart. It was fun! Then we went to the Jackson family, where we had a nice dinner. Debbie and Amy were there, we finally asked if they would be interested in our message. Amy said yes! But Debbie wasn’t kinda unsure about it so we will see. I love Amy and it would be so great to teach her!
Tuesday we got to go the Temple! How cool is it that I can say that I’ve been to BOTH temples in England? Pretty cool! We also had a nice dinner with part of the mission. 
One day this week we went finding in a village called Jacobswell. It was a 30 minute walk. No one was home and those that were could hardly hear what we were saying. Frustrating! But what can ya do? The bishop counseled us to go to Jacobswell and we did. So we were there for some reason!
So Darrel..met with him an Mcdonalds again. We kind of dropped him, we think he just visits with us for social part of it. Not that we are like super talkative and fun with him… But yeah, he flogged on church twice and just isn’t taking it seriously. We will see how he is in a few weeks.
Mandy…ooooh Mandy. She’s NUTS. And has lots of issues. We saw her as we were leaving the flat and she sounded like she was doing a lot better until she asked us if heard the big fight from our upstairs neighbors the night before. We were like “Uhh…we didn’t hear anything?” She went on about how this big black man came into house and was in her loo, taking a wee. What?! haha I think she was dreaming/hallucinating… Poor woman, she has a lot of problems in life right now Just not sure how we can help her. 
We taught Milford on Saturday. We met him at this place called the Spectrum and it was like being in America…sort of. There was an ice skating rink and bowling and get this a small water park! I saw people in their bathing suits…in the winter! Never though I’d see the day.
Me and Sister West gave a talk in Relief Society. It went good expect that it was cut very short so that the primary could have their nativity. SO CUTE. 
Oh yeah, Sister West got sick so we made a fort, meaning made a big bed on the floor with our mattresses, watched Nora’s Christmas for like bagillionth time and ate soup and garlic bread. We may or may not have slept on the “fort” for another 2 nights…
Well I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. The work is Guildford is slow, but I love the Gospel so much and I know things will pick up soon. I’m so happy to be on a mission.  I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister Brittain xx

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