Dec. 30, 2013

Well it’s been a long week! But it was great of course, because of Christmas 🙂 

On Christmas Eve we went with the Elders to the Neu’s! They are awesome. Brother Neu is from America so it felt somewhat like home. They have the cutest kids too, they are perfect and wear cute little English sweaters. Anyway, we ate a fajita dinner and then played games and made a chocolate house, full of crazy sweets. It was a lot of fun! And of course, Skyping the family 😀
Christmas Day was interesting. There was a giant storm that passed through so nobody had power. Well we had power in Guildford, but everyone that lives in the little villages didn’t. Like the Fotheringham’s, where we were supposed to have Christmas Dinner. So when she picked us up she told us to bundle up because there was no heating at their house. Brother Fotheringham was still able to pull a pretty nice Christmas dinner. We just had fried turkey instead of roast. No roast potatoes 😦 Actually, it was a miracle because Sister West was supposed to Skype at 3 and the power came on ten minutes before! That was pretty cool. I got to watch Tangled while she talked to family. I MISS MOVIES. Once she was done we ended up watching the Muppet Christmas Story. That movie is weird…
Boxing Day was spent at my all time favs, the Bairds! We had a nice little lunch and then just talked, played a game called Linkee which is a British trivia game. So me and Sister West failed miserably. but any time there was a question about America, we were on it! It was nice to hang out with a big family. Felt like home. 
So the holidays were good here! The ward showered us with gifts, it was really touching. They a lot of thought into things they got us and were so kind to us. I’m so thankful! 
On Saturday, I wasn’t feeling to good so we were in the flat. We heard a really faint knocking sound (side note: we realized that she was the source of the really scary knocking sound we heard in the middle of the night a few days before) and I looked through the peep hole and it was Mandy… We opened the door and she was really drunk and just started crying, she said “I feel so low..I didn’t know who to turn to but you girls” So we stood at our doorstep for 10 minutes as she talked about how she is so sad she has to move and how her family hates her. The whole time her eyes were rolling and she would fade in and out. We eventually helped her back to her flat and sat with her there. It was impossible to talk to her. She kept saying “Michael my neighbor really fancies you…well he fancies both of you…actually I quite fancy him” she said that like 8 times the whole time we spoke to her, and we had only met Michael once for like 2 minutes. So yeah, we finally told her she was to drunk to talk to us and we left. 
Oh hey, I would love updates on Jordan and Mason if someone would be kind of enough to send them to me!
Well I just gotta say missions are hard. Hard but rewarding. Its almost been 5 months, time is going by so fast. I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas! The weather is awful and I have some type of flu. So i get to stay in a snuggle, watching a little of Nora’s Christmas 🙂
I wish you all the best!
Sister Brittain xx

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