Jan. 13, 2014

The week went kind of slow and fast all at the same time. But I guess that is mission life for you. 

So after our fiasco of moving out Mandy, another incident happened. Last Monday we knocked her door to check to see if she was ok, because she was supposed to leave on Tuesday. When she opened the door she had her shoes one and a vest, as if she was going to leave her flat. She was still really drunk of course so there was no way she could make it out, alive atleast. When debated with her for about ten minutes. She said her doctor said that if doesn’t get more alcohol that she will have hallucinations and seizures (we believed her because we heard Roy speak to the doctor on the phone) So we reluctantly said we would walk with her, because she would get hit by a car and there was no convincing her to stay. We got our coats and started walking. Note, its night time and the store is about a mile away. It took forever! She would hold on Sister West and I was holding her bag. We got to Sainsburys and she started pulling out her card and telling us her pin. We realized she wanted US to buy the vodka. We said “woah woah, the deal was that we would just walk you, we can’t buy it for you” She said there was another store ahead that she could try, so we walked even further. We finally got there and she went in and got her stuff as we waited outside. I felt so uncomfortable because I know it looked like we were just two young girls waiting for this crazy woman to buy us booze. But after seeing the traffic, there was no way she would survive walking by herself. She offered to buy us fish n chips as payment. As we were in the shop of course a police officer walks in. I am panicking inside just reading the headlines “Two Mormon missionaries arrested for assisting public intoxication” But he just laughed and said he was on dinner hour. 
We walked her back and two days later a moving van was there, packing everything away. So Mandy is no longer in our flats and we can finally smell again.
Tuesday Sister Anena, from Uganda, came to Guildford for an exchange. So that was cool. She is…interesting..haha. 
I went to the temple on Thursday (special permission) and I had a wonderful experience. The London Temple is sooo beautiful! 
Zone Training on Friday, good as always. Very long. I was exhausted.
 We had a miracle of 1 new investigator this week! We have been doing a lot of finding and having no luck. Sister West felt inspired to go to this street next to the park we live in. So before we left our flat we prayed that we could just be given one miracle, something to boos our faith. And we knocked on the fourth house down, and a guy answered. He was so open and willing to meet with us! It was so great. Afterwards we were so happy we had tears in our eyes, we just said a prayer of thanks as soon as we were done talking.
I love this time as a missionary. It can be so hard but I am learning so much. I love the Gospel. There is nothing that can bring such tender happiness. I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you all. Its already been 5 months! were is the time going?!
Sister Brittain xxxx

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