Jan. 6, 2014

What a week! I don’t have much time so I want to really explain a crazy/eye opening experience I had this week. 

Yesterday as we were entering our flat complex after church, Roy, our upstairs neighbor saw us and said “Are you the Mormons?”….”Yes we are, can we help?”…”Well yes, Mandy needs to move by Tuesday and she is not well enough to pack anything, can you pack her clothes?” So, we ran upstairs and changed into sweats, Sister West was really sick and was running on two hours of sleep, but we thought we would only be packing up clothes and then we would be done. Were we wrong or what.. Mandy was incredibly drunk, and she was only wearing a robe. So yes, I saw this woman naked. Her house was a mess and the smell of vomit was so strong. There were sick stains all over her carpet, I am telling you her carpets were saturated with throw up. As we started packing away clothes, she was sitting on the bed trying to take anti-sick pills, when suddenly she said “I think I am going to be sick…” She projectile vomited as we were only a few feet from her. Sister West and I ran out quickly to get some fresh air… I said I quick prayer asking that we could have the energy to get through it to help her pack. So got back inside, put on some gloves, and began to just throw everything away. At one point, I was in the kitchen trying to sort everything out, I got the prompting to see where Sister West because she wasn’t in the kitchen. I found her as she stood next to Mandy…Mandy’s robe was down and Sister West was trying to help her put on a bra…Knowing Sister West was dying inside, I rushed and helped her hook her bra and put on a t shirt. 
We labored for 5 hours, and had to call the Elders to help us. I saw and touched things I never thought I would, ESPECIALLY as a missionary. But I learned a lot from this experience. I learned how to have Christlike love. We must forget ourselves and put ourselves in the place of the Savior. We must love people as He would. He loves everyone and we must try our hardest, no matter who it is, to serve them and to help them when needed. 
So that was my crazy experience with Mandy…I wish i could tell you the details of what happened and what I saw, but I will leave that out for you. I love you all! I hope you start this new year off right!

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