Jan. 20, 2014

What a week! I am doing pretty good here in Guildford, enjoying my last few weeks because I know transfers are coming soon and I will probably be leaving this area. Sad day. But this week was interesting to say the least.

Tuesday we did service for a friend of a member. Her name is Diane and she came to bonfire back in November so I remembered who she was. We pulled weeds for 4 hours. I was so sore and dirty afterward. But it was relaxing in a way too. She invited for us dinner as a payment 🙂
So we taught Dan, the guy we met knocking last week. We brought a member with us, Naomi and the lesson was going fine. He was listening, taking everything in. But then it got weird. After we were done he was like, “Does anyone here have knee problems?” Sister West reluctantly said yes. He said “Is it your right knee? My right knee started tingling and that is God telling me that you need healing” Oddly enough, it was her right knee. He asked to bless her knee and she said sure…He put his hand on her knee and started praying. It was so scary, He was whispering in tongues! And giggling and smiling. I thought this guy was normal…WRONG. He was nice a guy and I think we are teaching him again this week. We will see how that goes. 
Miracle of the week is that Mandy is sober!!! Shocking right? She is in her new flat, which is really sad actually. The people that moved her just through everything into this tiny flat. She couldn’t even take a bath because the tub was full of stuff. There is no walking room in her flat. But she is doing so much better. She called us and we could actually have a conversation with her. She is a real person when she isn’t drunk. She actually read some of the Book of Mormon too! The Lord is really working in her life. I’m exciting to see what happens with her 🙂
Missionary work is so difficult sometimes. Sometimes I question, “Heavenly Father, why do you give us miracles that just turn into to dead ends?” Because I see that happen all time. We pray to find a family, we  find a family that same day, and the next thing you know they are texting saying they aren’t interested. It can be discouraging, and sometimes I find myself getting angry with God and doubting Him. But I have to remember my purpose, I am here to invite other to come unto Christ. Not force them to accept the Gospel. This is His work, and only His. I know that from every miracle, and discouraging time, there is a lesson to learn from it. They say the most important person you convert on your mission, is yourself. In this hard times, Heavenly Father is being my teacher. Helping to becoming a better person so that I can help him find his lost children.
I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week! 
Lots of love
Sister Brittain xx

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