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Feb. 10, 2014

So I have officially moved into a new area: Bracknell. Although its not that far away from Guildford, its a bit different. Its a new city, not so many rich people. Feels a lot like America. I’m loving it so far! And as far as the work goes, their is so much potential here. Me and Sister Pink (My aussie comp!) have a lot planned to kick this place into gear. Lots of miracles are happening  we actually have and found people to teach! So weird!!!

We are teaching a guy named Craig…who at first just wanted money from Bishop, but when we told him we can’t do that, he was still interesting in meeting with us. He actually asked how to become an Elder and if he can still be baptised even if was baptised once…He showed up to church twice already! Hopefully he goes places.
Anyway, so watch out, success is coming your way! 
I learned something really amazing this week. As we were studying in our Book of Mormon class, we read 1 Nephi 11. In this chapter, Nephi has a vision of the Lord and his ministry. In the vision, the Spirit of the Lord asks, “What desirest thou?” We began discussing what type of questions would WE ask the Lord if  He asked us what we desired. Would we ask why the sky is blue? Would we ask him to cure the diseases of the world? Would we want to know who wins the next American Idol? 
Ezra Taft Benson gave a talk once about this very question. And he has us turn to Acts 9:6, and there we learn the greatest question we can ask.  When Saul realized that the Savior is visiting him, as trembles with fear, He asks the Lord, “What wilt thou have me do?”
There is always more we can do to help the Lord. It’s not always talking about missionary work. This can be within our families, our callings, our school or work. We must prepare ourselves so that we can be brave enough to ask the Lord “What can do for YOU?” Jesus Christ has done so much for us, we must be willing to sacrifice for Him.
Well I love you all so much. I have officially been out 6 months, with only a year left. Time is going by fast, and I’m learning so much its hard to keep up!
Lots of Love,
Sister Brittain xoxoxo