Feb. 3, 2014

Well I literally just found out 5 minutes ago…I’m moving!!!! I am going to Bracknell!!!! I know that means nothing to you guys, but I am pretty excited! My companion will be Sister Pink! She’s from Australia and she is really awesome so I’m excited! I am so sad that I will be leaving Guildford, and especially Sister West but I guess I am needed elsewhere. Bracknell isn’t to far away and I know nothing of what kind of area it is, but we will see I guess! As soon as I get my new address, I will let everyone know!

This email I wanted to talk about Lara. She was baptised in November. Through out the entire time I have known her she has been dealing with a custody battle with both of her children. This week she found out that both her son and daughter are leaving to the USA; for good. This means she will probably not see them for a long, long time. On top of this, she has struggled with severe depression, to the point of suicidal thoughts (probably part of the reason she is losing the kids). We met with her on Thursday, she put on a smile, tried to sound happy and optimistic. She started crying…she looked at us and said “I just want my daughter to find the gospel…” My heart ached. This woman has been through the hardest trial, that I can’t even imagine going through, and yet she focused her thoughts on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the hope that it can gives to us. She is still really struggling and was hospitalized on Sunday. But I know that through the Atonement, she will be healed. 
Just know that the Savior loves you, He knows you PERSONALLY. He has felt your pains and is willing to take your burdens. I have seen and felt His love. No matter what the trial, big or small, cast your burdens on the Savior. 
I love this Gospel, I love the hope it gives me. I HOPE everyone has a wonderful week!
Lots of love
Sister Brittain xoxoxo 

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